Sunday, October 11, 2015

she's a bastard

Had a wonderful time performing at She's A Bastard last weekend. For my set I re-wrote poems using The Picture of Dorian Gray viewed through a gender-swapped lens. (For those of you familiar with the book, my retelling was written through the perspective of a queer female artist named Bailey, of course, after the atrocious murder.) The poems were fun to write, even if some were finished at the very last minute, and the rest of the badass writers (Bonnie Stufflebeam, Bess Whitby, Lauren Belmore, and Makayla Price) all had really exciting performances too. 

I might put together a little book of poems using the works made for this show, since I kind of want to share them with the world but can't think of a journal that might be that into the specifics of the project. (Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough yet.)

Oh & everyone dressed up and we all had drinks and a few laughs afterwards. My outfit was not quite subtle; anyone not attending the readings must have thought I was really jumping the gun on Halloween. Or, you know, dead.

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