Saturday, January 9, 2016

happenings: january 2016

this year is off to quite a start. a good one, i think. spiderweb salon successfully hosted our third annual winter formal last weekend, and a few days later i sat down with pariah art and three incredible writers to record our first podcast episodes. exciting!

i am working on being more focused right now & getting shit done. cutting back on drinking and the whole thing. it's hellishly great. and just in time too, because this month is stacked. here are some of the things i am up to and the reasons why maybe we might not see as much of each other for a few weeks unless we're collaborating on something... or if you can make it to any of these wonderful events! i really hope you can. (if it helps, this is my birthday month and i'd love to see my friends out & enjoying some art/poetry come on!) okay:

January 16 - performing ORBIT (a poetry and noise collaboration) with Lauren Belmore at The Wild Detectives in Dallas, TX
(opening for Bill Nace and Jake Meginsky as they come through on their US tour)

January 27 - co-hosting Pegasus Reading Series at Kettle Art in Dallas, TX with Sebastian Paramo
This month we host poet and translator team Kim Kyung Ju and Jake Levine, with Karissa Morton and music from Kent Evans.

photo by cameron cox, words by fatima-ayan malika hirsi, host of dark moon

January 28 - reading poetry at Dark Moon Poetry and Arts in Arlington, TX

January 31 - showcasing an art installation & recorded poetry set at Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, TX 
WordSpace presents In/Verse Looped at Challet Dallas. this is a reprisal of the show we did in October at the Common Desk.