Saturday, September 29, 2012

dinosaur poems. sneak peek.


here is what i know about
it isn’t much at all.
they are big.
probably reptiles.
possible feathers.


i just remembered
i know something else about dinosaurs.
or at least 
i think i do.
i’m not a scientist
or from oklahoma
but i think their dead bodies
fuel my car.


my ex-boyfriend was obsessed 
with dinosaurs.
he could pronounce
he knew that there was a dino
with the name “Drinker”.
he had fluid ideas about
whether or not they had feathers
and how they evolved.
i could have learned so much
about our prehistoric friends
if i had wanted to...
but it’s hard for me to 
focus on dinosaurs.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

READ THIS: "dance with snakes" by horacio castellanos moya

“Baile con serpientes”, or “Dance with Snakes” is both terrifying and magical. You must read this book. The only other novel i have read by Castellanos Moya is Senselessness- also incredibly enchanting- but i am on the prowl for more. I am charmed by his outwardly simple style, and i am yet to find someone who can write paranoia like quite like him. It would be impossible to explain the reasons you should read this book without revealing the whole erie plot, but if you are into surprisingly innocent violence, creepily awesome personification, and disturbingly unorthodox sexual this book.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

inspired by spiders

I have succeeded in having a more positive attitude lately, the result of a typical self-help-style life cleanse, you know, out with the old and in with the new, more me-time, plus a few changes here and there in day-to-day organization. I have also given myself a purpose, albeit a short-term project if you’re looking at it from a long-term perspective, but it is fulfilling, which is what I need. The Salon gives me something to work for, and it means something to me because it is affecting the lives of others in a positive way. I think this is what art should be. It should shake us awake, out of our everyday routines, and make us consider new ideas and experiences. I want to be stimulated and inspired, and i want to be able to give others those feelings as well. I have made new friends and strengthened my friendships with old ones. I have an outlet to support not only my creativity, but my drive to help others as well.

Do i still want to leave town? Not immediately. This is new. I have a reason, for now, to stay and see what happens. To move away was supposed to be me leaving one hollow void to enter another.

What i need to decide is what i want to get out of my art, my writing specifically.

Lately, the idea of platonic love, love for friends, those who are my family, has really inspired me. I wrote a song ("Ode to friendship") that I played at the salon that was written for everyone there, and everyone sang the chorus with me. It made me so incredibly happy. But do I want to play music or do I want to write? I feel like the past year or so a lot of my solo creative time has been poured into collaborative work (all music) or other people's projects. That isn't necessarily a problem, i think i just need to learn how to make my own art my priority sometimes. It's something to work on.