Sunday, February 10, 2013

Summer of Glaciers & Balmorhea [2/8/13]

I had the opportunity to photograph a really amazing show this weekend, put on by Gutterth Live and SpuneBalmorhea, a six-piece instrumental group from Austin, was the headlining act and they blew me away. Summer of Glaciers opened for them and totally rocked it, too. I won't say much more about all that just yet as I'm supposed to be writing a little blurb for the Austere Magazine blog. So I'll just leave you with a few shots from the show.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

friday night in denton II

Another Friday night means haunting local establishments in search of new fun and classic nostalgia. It's a happy mix of finding events sure to satisfy and exploring where we're yet to feel comfortable. Good people, full crowds, draft beer [everywhere], and loud, foot-stomping music. I'm still getting used to wielding my camera in dark places, but that's part of the fun. I love snapping pictures as we take on each new adventure! These snippets of memory-making are from last Friday [2/1/2013]:

The night started with a group of beautiful friends [and some pad thai from Thai Ocha!]. I wouldn't have it any other way. After dinner we made our way to the square, where the city's monthly First Friday was happenin'. Local shops and galleries take the opportunity to stay open later than usual and serve wine, beer, and snacks to patrons while they check things out.

Over at S.C.R.A.P.- the thifty craft shop next to Banter - our friends from Armadillo Ale Works handed out free samples of their homemade brews. Their beer is exceptional- it's no wonder Bobby and Yianni have rallied so much support from the community to start producing on a larger scale. As of a couple weeks ago, they are now teamed up with the guys at Deep Ellum to start making all of our beer dreams a reality! I am really excited for them, and just as excited about the prospect of getting that Brown Ale I had the other night in a six-pack at Midway Mart.

We heard there was an open mic going on a place I'd never heard of before but my friends were all familiar with - Green Space. We got there a little too late, though- the open mic was nearly over. Upon arriving we heard some sort of Bjork remix coming from the main room and entered to see a group of improvisational artists rolling around on the ground in the heat of the creative moment. I enjoyed it but wish I could have seen more to have a little context. We got to meet the owner of the place afterwards, who was very nice and told us a little more about the space and the collective. Something definitely worth hitting up again!

After that? A rollicking night at one of my very favorite bars: Dan's Silverleaf.

The line-up was irresistible, and judging by the huge crowd that gathered there I wasn't the only one who thought so. The show featured A.M. Ramblers, Boxcar Bandits, and Hares on the Mountain. What night of entertinment could better satisfy the uppity-country-folk-rock-lust within every Dentonite's bleeding heart? To be sure, these bands did NOT disappoint. It was a pretty incredible evening, complete with plenty of laughter, hand-clappin', whiskey, and hollerin'. For more photos, go here.